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Rides & Tours – Choose a Tour Package or talk to us about planning a customized flight to meet your needs.

Pipeline Patrols – Videography flights available upon request: Request a Proposal for bid-based contract services or let us know your pipeline monitoring needs and we'll tailor a plan to your specifications.

Aerial Photography – Bring your camera---Have us or record video or use our camera---or send a professional photographer---and we'll get you to the right altitude to snap the perfect shot.      (Hourly rates apply.)

Ferry Flights – Just bought your own helicopter? If it's airworthy, we can fly it* from anywhere to anywhere in the continental U.S.  ($285/day)**

Time Building – Our commercial pilots will help you hone your flying skills and build time.  (Must be R44 endorsed.)

Aerial Survey – Count livestock.  See the lay of the land you plan to purchase.  Scope out a new building site.  Whatever your unique surveying need, we can help you get a clear view from a different perspective. (Engineering firms welcome!)

Helicopter Sales - Let us sell your helicopter.  There are no up front costs for listing a helicopter.  We have a great relationship our marketing affiliates. Your helicopter will be placed on the local and international markets.




​​An honest rate, without the spin, Looking for the best rate? Ask the right questions.  Many flight-service companies advertise lower rates, but then put a clever spin on how the rate is calculated, ultimately costing you more.  How does it work?  Some companies charge a turn-key rate, based on oil pressure. When the transmission is engaged, the oil pressure sensor signals the hour meter to start measuring time.  With a turn-key rate, you're charged for time while the helicopter is on the ground.  We start timing our flights when the collective is pulled and we're off the ground.  That way you only pay for the actual time you're in the air.  Your satisfaction is important to us.  We think you'll enjoy your time flying with us, and appreciate not being charged for idle time on the ground.

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